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Hi All, 

All memberships have now been frozen and subscriptions put on hold until further notice. 

Some people have kindly offered to continue with their memberships and if you are in a lucky position to do so please email me at hello@eventsatgurnard.co.uk

If you are looking for workouts please feel free to use them at https://watch.lesmillsondemand.com/at-home-workouts

Emails and phones are all monitored if you require further information through this unprecedented time. 

All please stay safe and remember we will all get through this and hopefully society will become a kinder place. 

Thanks John and the team at Fitness at Gurnard. 

Welcome to the Island’s friendliest family owned Gym and Pool complex. Whether you are looking to train for a marathon, maintain fitness, tone up or just exercise in a great environment then you have found the right place.

With our fully equipped gym, 25 metre heated indoor pool, sauna, tennis courts or our extensive class timetable there is something for everyone.

Also onsite is Monkey Mansion, The Food Shack And Bar, Spar convenience store and some great event space for conference’s, weddings and celebrations.

We are open from 7 am to 9pm weekdays, 8am till 8pm on Saturdays and 7:30am to 7pm on Sundays.

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Fitness at Gurnard
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7 hours ago

Fitness at Gurnard

So today is filled with risk assessments and ordering products that the risk assessment highlights....

Although we will have regular cleaning in place to ensure we are providing a safe and secure place to train you will all be responsible for cleaning as you go to. The main area will be the gym equipment and we will have a cleaning station at the entrance to the gym area and a drop off at the end. So as you walk in you will grab your own personal spray bottle with cleaning solution, can clean your equipment before and after using it whether weights, resistance, or cardio and then when you leave the gym you will leave the bottle on the end station for us to disinfect the bottle before recycling it and getting it ready for the next person.
This will ensure the gym is extremely safe for everyone to use and remember during the day we will also be cleaning down equipment with the addition of a spray of the fogger every evening,.

We will not be providing any matting for the classes or gym ,bar the mats that are permanently down , so you will need to bring your own BUT their are no towels to be taken into the classes or the gym area......

All gym, swim and classes will need to be booked so if you haven't emailed me and set up your portal yet please email hello@eventsatgurnard.co.uk and I will get this sorted for you.

I have been asked about PAYG customers but unfortunately this will not be possible at present as you cannot come without a booking and you cannot get a booking without a membership. We will not be changing the prices so at £39.50 for an all inclusive membership or £26 for a swim membership it isn't much to commit to and we will be accepting new memberships.

Just remember we are all going to come back and will be #strongertogether......

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1 day ago

Fitness at Gurnard

Body Pump Livestream @ the gym 😁😁 ...

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2 days ago

Fitness at Gurnard

Cxworx! ...

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3 days ago

Fitness at Gurnard

Hi All,

Just to update everyone where I have got to today.
It has been a day of tape measures, reading guidance and understanding the guidance.
The one thing that we are lucky with is space. We are not short of space at all and the government guidelines state the we have to allow 100 sq/ft per person onsite (this isn't 100 sq/ft per person to train in so not to be confused) which includes gym space, studio space, pool area, changing rooms and toilets ... so onsite at any one time we can have 167 people including the staff which excludes the rented offices, studios & workshop along with the food shack who have their own allocations of people. Although I could of probably increased this by including the corridors but it wasn't clear if I could.....

So individual breakdowns of rooms;

Main Gym - maximum users 23 but we will reduce this to 18 due to practicalities of social distancing & to allow for PT's to work
Small studio - Converted to gym space and will have maximum space of 15 with a maximum of 2 in the functional fitness area.
So for traditional gym goers we will have 33 spaces. We rarely have exceeded that number of people so will be able to run at maximum capacity.

Ballroom Classes - maximum users is 42 but this will be reduced to 27 + 1 or 2 instructors on stage. This is due in main to visibility of stage and access to equipment. Most classes are around the 25 mark so again we will be able to accommodate nearly all.

Chartroom Classes - Maximum users is 22 but this will be reduced to 18 plus instructor- again to maintain the ability for good social distancing beyond the government guidelines. Again we will be able to accommodate the majority of normal member class goers - as there will be no PAYG's everyone should be able to book.

New Functional Fitness Suite - When this opens in August it will be limited to 10 people training in there.

Pool - Maximum users is 21 but this will be reduced to 12 as I do not think it is practical to have 10 people swimming in 2 lanes. Although it is tempting to use the maximum allowed under the guidelines if the experience is going to be poor then it will be enjoyable for no-one and I believe that by spacing out we will be able to have the capacity required. Having said that for Aquafit the maximum number will be 16 as people will not be swimming up and down although we will have to see how practical this number is once we have bodies in the pool and it maybe reduced to 12.

Sauna - This will not be open as per government guidelines.....

I will be doing daily updates Monday to Friday so for now please have a great weekend and it will not be ling until I see you all again!

Please feel free to share this around and let me know what you are looking forward to most when we reopen!

Thanks John 🙂

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Fitness at Gurnard was taken over by a local Island firm, Hunnyhill Stores Group, in February 2015 after being run by the current Landlords of the site. Knowing the Island has led to the club being tailored for the local Island community which has including reducing prices, introducing community swim times on Sundays, expanding the class structure, employing and investing in local people and supporting local Island charities.

Long term viability is the aim of the club ensuring that improvements are future proof and in the last 30 months there have been new boilers, new ladies showers, carpeting in the hallway, new shop put in, 2 new swimming pool pumps, investment in the classes to double the number at better times of the day, investment in staff and other day to day maintenance to ensure that every customer has a great experience.

What We Offer

4 Lane 25m Swimming Pool



Monkey Mansion (children’s soft play area)


 3 Tennis Courts (2 floodlit)


Swimming (16+)

Access to Indoor Pool – Tennis Courts – Sauna – Timetabled Water Workouts

£26 per month rolling direct debit – £20 joining fee applies to all adults. Minimum 1 month notice to cancel.

£260 per year paid in full – 12 months for the price of 10.

All Inclusive (21+)

Access to Indoor Pool – Gym – Classes – Tennis Courts – Sauna

£39.50 per month rolling direct debit – Minimum 1 month notice to cancel.

£395 per year paid in full – 12 months for the price of 10.

All Inclusive (Under 20)

Access to Indoor Pool – Gym – Classes – Tennis Courts – Sauna

£30 per month rolling direct debit –  Minimum 1 month notice to cancel.

£300 per year paid in full – 12 months for the price of 10.

Class and Swim (15 yrs)

Access to Indoor Pool – Classes

£20 per month rolling direct debit – £10 joining fee applies to all children. Minimum 1 month notice to cancel.

£200 per year paid in full – 12 months for the price of 10.

Children (4-15 yrs)

Access to Indoor Pool – Tennis Courts – Monkey Mansion

£12.50 per month rolling direct debit – £10 joining fee applies to all children. Minimum 1 month notice to cancel.

£125 per year paid in full – 12 months for the price of 10.


Pool – £5 adults & £2.50 children for 1 hour session. For non-member pool times please check the current pool timetable for open swim times.

Gym – £7.50 adults & £15 for an induction. Non-member gym times 09:00 – 17:00 daily.

Classes –  £7.50 

All Inclusive Monthly Pass – £45

New 10 Class Pass – £60. Must be used within 2 months.

Monkey Mansion – £4. Open 09:00 – 17:00 daily.


Memberships are easily paid by rolling Direct Debit, payable on the 1st of the month. Direct debits can be cancelled at any time by giving 30 days written notice and one final payment.